Latest Celebrity Diamond Jewelry By Avianne & Co

  • Elliot Avianne Featured on Mass Appeal

        Atlanta native rapper, Young Thug is no stranger to extravagant diamond jewelry. Aside from working together on almost all of his custom jewels, Young Thug and the team at Avianne & Co had also built a solid bond and relationship, securing Young Thug a spot in the Royal Avianne Family. It wasn't long until Elliot Avianne, the young jeweler who took care of Young Thug's orders, got noticed.   Check out Elliot Avianne's interview on talking about his close relationship with Young Thug and some of the most iconic custom pieces they've crafted together. Click here for the full article.
  • Lil Shmatty's DGK Ring by Avianne & Co

                                                                      Pro skateboarder, Lil Shmatty, commissioned the master jewelers at Avianne & Co to create a custom DGK "Dirty Ghetto Kids" gold and diamond pinky ring. The piece came out stunning, with the words Lil' Shmatty engraved inside the ring. The team at Avianne & Co are always challenged with exciting new pieces to create. Using only the best's quality of gold and diamonds alongside top notch craftsmanship, the team has never failed to satisfy their customers with the finest quality of work. Check out their new collection page for latest pieces!                                                                      
  • Make your mother feel like Royalty with our exclusive Royal Collection Pendant

        Inspired by royalty reflected by elegance, class and power, the Avianne & Co. team designed their notorious Royal Collection to make people feel powerful as Kings and Queens. Each piece from the collection is carefully crafted to perfection. With mother's day just around the corner, we truly believe that this pendant will be the ultimate gift for all Moms everywhere. Customers can find the exclusive royal collection designs by simply going to their web store. The collection is handcrafted with the finest diamonds, gemstones and silver available in the industry. This Royal pendant is crafted in sterling silver, composed of a bright blue sapphire center stone, complimented with 2.5 carats of semi-precious crystals guaranteed to make your mother feel like a queen this mother’s day. The Royal Collection by Avianne & Co is exclusive to the company, and cannot be found anywhere else. For more details on this pendant and the rest of the Royal Collection please visit: