Latest Celebrity Diamond Jewelry By Avianne & Co

An Exclusive Look at Ciara's 15 Carat Diamond Ring by Avianne & Co

New York based custom jewelry designers Avianne & Co helped bring joy to Ciara’s heart and bling to her ring hand this weekend. The Grammy Award-winning pop singer is now sporting a 15-carat ring with flawless emerald cut diamonds, which are accented by round cut diamonds in a micro pave setting. This technique places diamonds so closely together they appear to be “kissing each other.” The diamond band is an eternity style band and diamonds extend all the way down and around it.
Ciara's 15 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring by Avianne & Co


Future designed the ring himself with Elliot of Avianne & Co, as he wanted a ring that showed Ciara’s “past, present and Future.” Blending the two styles together allowed for the creation of a unique engagement ring. The 15-carat beauty took four weeks to create. Avianne & Co. went through several molds before alighting on the proper design, which allowed for maximum shine and stability in the diamonds. View a video of the ring below: