Latest Celebrity Diamond Jewelry By Avianne & Co

Cam'Ron Gets a New Black Diamond Pendant from Avianne & Co.

Hip Hop legend Cam'Ron is no stranger to high end extravagant diamond jewelry. Having worked with Avianne & Co Jewelers for over 15 years, the team has become more like family to Killa Cam. So when it came time to build the latest diamond pendant for Cam, it was like taking a walk in the park. Some notable pieces produced for Cam include the spinning globe pendant, composed of over 300 carats in diamonds, and the electronic light-up traffic light pendant (which actually lit up with a battery installed in the gold frame). Crafted with triple-A cut round black diamonds, Cam'Ron's black diamond pendant is crafted in 14k White Gold, Black Rhodium Plated and handcrafted with over 15 carats of pave-set black diamonds. Each stone is masterfully set by skilled Avianne & Co diamond setters, who have performed similar works for Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Building the pendant was not an easy task. The UN logo is not a simple block, and the wreath features a high level of detail that would normally pose a problem to regular industry jewelers. It takes a great deal of work to properly arrange the right sized diamonds for an intricate design like this. The jeweler must first choose various diamond sizes ranging in millimeter width, which sounds easier than it really is. "Try sifting through over 1,000 black diamonds and choosing the right millimeter width, down to the tenth of mm." Says Izzy, President of Avianne & Co and head of Loose Diamonds. It can take up to hours of sifting through a parcel of thousands of tiny round cut diamonds to choose a small array of 200-300 properly sized stones. For regular industry jewelers, this can be more troublesome than taking the order itself. Luckily, the boys at Avianne & Co are no strangers to custom diamond jewelry. Check out some more famous pieces on our website, or contact Avianne & Co directly at 888-423-1004.